Dr. Jason S. Ridler


PhD in War Studies (2009): Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
MA in War Studies (2001): Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
BA in History, Honors (1999): York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Professional experience

Visiting Scholar
Office for the History of Science and Technology
UC Berkeley

I Participated in monthly seminars and presented a paper on state-directed science and weapons development during the early Cold War in Canada.
Adjunct Professor
Norwich University
Masters Program in Military History
Northfield, Vermont

At Norwich, I teach Introduction to Historical Methodology and Historiography; Total War; and World History.

Adjunct Professor and Lecturer
Royal Military College of Canada
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

For eleven years, I taught cadets and soldiers undergraduate course on military history, counter insurgency, the role and impact of technology in modern warfare, and political science. I was the premier instructor of the history component for the Officer Professional Military Education Programme at both Fleet School Quebec, Canada (2002) and the Canadian Forces Naval Operations School Stadacona, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (2003). 

Publications: Books

El Lobo: Charles Bohannan, America’s Counterinsurgency Pioneer in the Philippines, 1941-1955 (in progress).

 Maestro of Science: Dr. Omond McKillop Solandt's Distinct Contribution to Government Science in War and Hostile Peace in Britain and Canada, 1939-1956, University of Toronto Press, October 2015.

Recent Publication: Essays, Chapters and Articles

 “Whispers of the Dead,” Canada’s History (forthcoming).

 “‘Despite the Handicap of Her Sex’: Dr. Cora Du Bois, American Bad-Ass of the OSS in South East Asia,” War on the Rocks (March 25, 2016): http://warontherocks.com/2016/03/despite-the-handicap-of-her-sex-dr-cora-du-bois-american-bad-ass-of-the-oss-in-southeast-asia/

“Fighting Words: Spies, Soldiers, and Stylish Scribes,” War on the Rocks (January 8, 2016), http://warontherocks.com/2016/01/fighting-words-spies-soldiers-and-stylish-scribes/

“A Real Life Indian Jones: Charles Ted Rutledge Bohannan,” Biographical Entry for the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Archive, (2014), 1-5.

“A Lost Work of El Lobo: Lieutenant-Colonel Charles T. R. Bohannan’s Unpublished Study of Guerrilla Warfare in the Philippines, 1899-1955,” Small Wars and Insurgencies (2015), 292-312.

“Military Historian Brings New Perspective to Soldiers,” James Jones Literary Society (Fall 2013), 11.

 “Leadership and Science at War: Colonel Omond Solandt and the British Army Operational Research Group, 1943–1945”, in Geoffrey Hayes, ed., Canada and the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2012), 30-53.

 Thirty entries for The War of 1812 Bicentennial Site, Parks Canada and Associated Partners (2012).

“Dr. Omond Solandt and Canada’s Approach to Defence Research Diplomacy, 1946-1956,” Diplomacy and Statecraft (2010), 397-415.

“Omond Solandt: Scientific Renaissance Man,” Information Systems and Operational Research (April 2008).

“From Pioneer to President: Omond McKillop Solandt’s Rise in Operational Research,” Canadian Operational Research Society (2008), 1-4, available at http://www.cors.ca/documents/RidlerSolandt.pdf. 

“From Nagasaki to Toronto: Omond Solandt and the Defence Research Board’s Early Vision of Atomic Warfare, 1945-1947,” Canadian Military History (Spring 2009), 27-40.

“Emergence: Toward a Historiography of Canadian Defence Research during the Second World War” International Journal of Canadian Studies (2008), 139-164

“War in the Precious Graveyard: Death through the Eyes of Guy Sajer,” War, Literature & the Arts Special Double Edition, (2008), 85-105.

“Depleting Humanity: Environment, Technology, and the Air War in V. M. Yeates’ Winged Victory” War, Literature & the Arts (2007), 222-278.

The Logic of Military Reform: Some Historical Inquiries. Canadian Forces Leadership Institute Report, Kingston: Canadian Forces Leadership Institute, 2005.

Grants & Awards

Smith Richardson Research Fellowship for International Security and Foreign Policy, 2014.
Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) 50th Anniversary Grant, 2008 .

Recent Presentations

 “Strangelove or Spock? Dr. Omond Solandt, Canada’s Maestro of Science During the Early Cold War, 1946-1956,” UC Berkeley, Canadian Studies Program Colloquium, February 24, 2016.

“Fear and Failure in the Life of a Writer,” Fremont Area Writers Meeting, Fremont, CA, January 23, 2016.
“How to Mine Your Life for Stories,” Fremont Area Writers Meeting, Fremont, CA, November 2014.

“The Day Pro Wrestling Stopped Real Violence,” TMI: True Storytelling, Berkeley, October 2014.

“Playing with a Dead Kid’s Toys,” Beast Crawl Literary Festival, Oakland, CA, July 2014

“Cemetery Days,” Lip Service West, Berkeley, CA, July 2012

“A Better friend than Enemy: The Trials and Tribulations of Dr. Omond Solandt and the Canadian Army’s Defence Research Agenda, 1946-1956.” The Canadian Army Historical Workshop, Directorate of Land Concepts and Design, Fort Frontenac,  Kingston, Ontario, Canada, June 2011.

“From Nagasaki to Toronto: Omond Solandt and the Canadian Defence Research Boards Early Views of Atomic Warfare, 1945-1947,” Lecture to the Canadian Studies Program, UC Berkeley, 4 March, 2010.

 “Emergence: Towards a Historiography of Canadian Defence Research Efforts during the Second World War.” Old Wars – New Perspectives: The Way Ahead for Military History in the New Millennium. 26th Annual Military History Symposium, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, Canada March 17, 2005.